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(': TALES OF GAY :')
Greetings, little redheaded boy. Fear not, for you are not lost. Destiny has lead you here to me. What is here? talesofgay of course! Here, we will cater to your every whim and desire and satisfy you in ways you could never imagine.

And by "cater to your every desire", we mean supply you with porn during your random fixes for Tales of (insert series here). There's no need to feel ashamed, after all, we all have sudden cravings for LukexAsch/GuyxFrings/DistxHis Left Hand/MohsxLargo and any other special little pairings you can think of. And you reach "satisfaction" through fics, doujin, art, whatever the hell you can think of.

RULES (because even the gayest of gay needs it sometimes!)
1. NO WANK. This is the biggest and most important rule (kind of like Van's--nevermind). This is Abyss fandom, and we're all friendly and love each other and our Gay. So don't cause fights, don't provoke anyone, and stay off the soapboxes, please. :)

2. Doujinshi posts are welcome here, just friends lock any posts if you're going to share things, please, to avoid any problems -- if you have anything against sharing, don't join, simple as that!

3. Fanfic is highly encouraged, just try to keep it on-topic. No Luke touching Tear's melons here, plz! Remember to put things under an LJ-cut and label appropriately. Warnings are your friend; especially if it's not work-safe.

4. On a similar note, fanart is also welcome! If it's your own, just to make things a hell of a lot easier, specify if you do/don't want it being used anywhere. >.> If you feel the need to post Japanese fanart you've found (because it is pretty) friends lock it, and try to provide a source so we can all bookmark and stalk the page. ♥

5. Stay on topic! We're pretty leniant because Abyss IS a crack fandom. Just try to keep it related to the Gay--sonic thrust, Master Badtouch, "JAAADE, I'M SORRY!" and the like. Or even just Mieu's homosexual tendancies for Master Luke. We're cool with it. Hell, if you really want to, you can even post lesbians, as long as it's girls being gay! No, Anise/Ion does not count, girly as he is. Basically, if it's Tales of (Abyss) and slashy, this is the right place! :')


If, for any reason at all, you have any issues with the community, feel free to contact one of our (many) moderators, or shoot fairness an email at moonside@gmail.com, though please note, any bitching about fanart or doujinshi will be ignored and laughed at, UNLESS you are the original artist! Thank you!

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